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David and his family have been proud members of the Lindbergh Community for over a decade; and, have four children; one has graduated last year as “Mr. LHS Congeniality and one is a Junior. David has also been invested in district committees and in working with Lindbergh administration and staff concerning community interests. Last year, David ran for Lindbergh Schools Board of Education. David is committed to focusing on excellence in education, meeting every student where they are at and making sure all students are given every opportunity the “Lindbergh Experience” has to offer.

Originally immigrants from Israel, David and his family built a new life in the community and quickly grasped the amazing opportunities the United States has to offer, building a family business in Real Estate and also working as an IT professional.

David has often expressed his appreciation of what Lindbergh Schools has done for his family:

“I saw how Lindbergh Schools took my children, who knew little to no English and invested in them with an amazing program to lift them up to the level of the rest of their class, they are now top students! My hope is to give something back to the community and Lindbergh Schools by becoming a positive and productive Board Member.”